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Two things have helped Nicole cope since the murder of her husband. One is running her detective agency, and the other is her guardian angel Mira. When Mira is killed by a demon, Nicole accepts the help of a Ridge, a long haired, cigar smoking diamond in the rough with wings. Things go from bad to worse when a replacement guardian cannot be found. She has to trust Ridge, which is tricky when she realizes there are no demons or angels, just parasitic aliens that humans have built the myths of these celestial beings around. Ridge isn’t an angel or a devil, but an alien half breed known as a Midworlder. He is also way too sexy for his own good, or is it her own good.

Maggie Mundy lives in Adelaide, Australia and is a member of Romance Writers of Australia, and the local chapter SARA (South Australian Romance Authors). She recently completed a Bachelor of Arts in Drama and English at Flinders University. She had a short story published in the Romance Writers of Australia Topaz Anthology Little Gems in 2010 called Sea and Vines. She has three books out with Rogue Phoenix Press. Two erotic novellas called Blood Scent and Blood Oath and a paranormal romance called World Change. She also has a supernatural thriller out with Soul Mate Publishing called Hidden Mortality and paranormal romance called Unknown Protector.

She has also performed for many years in corporate entertainment for which she wrote her own sketches, which probably explains why her head is so full of characters. She loves writing romance but thinks falling in love can be scary, especially in her stories where creatures of the night really exist.

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Walking Through Fire: Blurb
Simon MacKay, the last Earl of Cleitmuir, was murdered two hundred years ago because of his family’s dangerous legacy. Alone and cursed he haunts his home in order to protect the lost treasure. A pastime that leaves him angry and embittered until he meets a feisty American tourist. Not only is Laurel sexy and beautiful, she can also see him in his ghostly form.

Antiquities expert, Laurel Saville, leaves Chicago to visit her best friend in the romantic Scottish Highlands. She is saved from a tragic fall by the ghostly Simon. Once she realizes she is not crazy, she pledges to help him find his family’s missing artifact. A pledge hindered by treasure hunter Alex MacKenzie, a descendant of the clan that murdered Simon.

Laurel risks everything, including her life, to help Simon resolve the issues keeping him earth bound. But will she lose him forever or is there a way Laurel can keep him with her on this earthly plane?

Walking Through Fire: Excerpt
“Well, lass. That was about the stupidest thing I’ve ever witnessed.”

Laurel jerked upwards at the low angry brogue. Stupid? She’d fallen off a horse, for crying out loud. It happens.

She peered into the dense fog trying to get a glimpse of the disembodied Scot. The thick mist swirled, thinned, and parted to reveal a pair of well- worn, brown riding boots with red cuffs at the top. Her eyes climbed higher, following the boots to a pair of large muscular thighs encased in dark-colored breeches. Her eyes continued upward, past the flat stomach, which led to a broad chest and shoulders covered in a mostly unbuttoned white shirt.

She craned her neck and finally saw his face. Roughly chiseled, he had a square jaw with high cheekbones, a slightly off-centered nose, and full lips pursed into a frown. She forced herself to meet his eyes, and her jaw dropped. The light gray eyes were almost opalescent against his dark lashes and black shoulder- length hair—eyes that pierced right thorough her.

“Every bloody year the tourists just get dumber,” he declared.

She clamped her mouth shut on a sharp retort and shook her head. “Gee, thanks for your concern. It’s not like I planned to fall off.” She started to push off the ground, but her right arm collapsed under her. Before she could fall back, the man reached her side and grabbed her good arm, pulling her to her feet.

C. J. Bahr – Bio
First published in Marion Zimmer Bradley’s “Sword & Sorceress” anthology, CJ was bitten by the writer’s bug and hasn’t stopped since. Her award winning first novel, “Walking Through Fire”, a Scottish ghost romance is published by The Wild Rose Press. She is currently working on a spin-off to Fire as well as a new Urban Fantasy starring a kick-ass Time Enforcer.

When her pen isn’t scribing, you can find her busily cutting and tracking music for film and television. With over twenty years of music editing experience, her credits range from “Northern Exposure” and “The Muppets Christmas Carol”, to “ The Kill Point”, “The Following”, and ABC’s hit comedy, “The Middle”.

In her downtime, you’ll find her hanging out at the barn with her horse, Junior, whom she competes in the sport of Eventing, or curled up with a cup of tea, her cats and a great book in Burbank, California.

Member of: SFWA, RWA, LARA, FF&P


Twitter: @cjbahr (



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Sydney Stewart had turned doing favors for friends into a growing business. Putting a bad relationship behind her, she was determined to guard her heart the next time around.

Desmond Butler was everything Sydney would want - if she were looking for a man - except she wasn’t. Plus he had this one flaw; could she look pass his habit of spanking her whenever he thought she was naughty? 


Em Kaye is a good girl, who has always dreamed of being bad. She grew up writing stories to express herself. An avid people watcher, she uses her imagination to make up stories about their lives.

Getting her love of reading from her parents and sister, she just keeps buying more bookcases to hold her many books. Even still, Em has stacks of books everywhere. And that doesn’t include all the books downloaded on her Kindle!

Putting her theory that everyone needs to step up, she volunteers for several organizations.

She got her Bachelor’s Degree in English with a minor in Creative Writing from Empire State College.

Em lives in Upstate New York with her cat, Fiona and various visiting wildlife that keep her and the cat entertained.

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 The Heart of the Phoenix

Some call him a ruthless mercenary; she calls him the knight of her heart.

Memories Lady Evelynn’s childhood hero is home—bitter, hard, tempting as sin. And haunted by secrets. A now-grown Evie offers friendship, but Sir Stephen's cruel rejection crushes her, and she resolves to forget him. Yet when an unexpected war throws them together, she finds love isn’t so easy to dismiss. If only the king hadn’t betrothed her to another.

Can be cruel Sir Stephen lives a double life while he seeks the treacherous outlaws who murdered his friends. Driven by revenge, he thinks his heart is closed to love. His childhood shadow, Lady Evie, unexpectedly challenges that belief. He rebuffs her, but he can’t forget her, although he knows she’s to wed the king’s favorite.

And deadly When his drive for vengeance leads to Evie’s kidnapping, Stephen must choose between retribution and the love he’s denied too long. Surely King John will see reason.Convict the murderers; convince the king. Simple. Until a startling revelation threatens everything.

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Short bio:

A former health insurance claims adjuster, a former journalist, a former journalism teacher, Barbara Bettis plans never to be a “former” author. Currently, Dr. Barb supports her writing habit as an adjunct English instructor at a community college near her home in Missouri.

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Just in Time for a Highland Christmas by Dawn Marie Hamilton


Dawn Marie Hamilton dares you to dream. She is a 2013 RWA® Golden Heart® Finalist who pens Scottish-inspired fantasy and paranormal romance. Some of her tales are rife with mischief-making faeries, brownies, and other fae creatures. More tormented souls—shape shifters, vampires, and maybe a zombie or two—stalk across the pages of other stories. She is a member of The Golden Network, Fantasy, Futuristic & Paranormal, Celtic Hearts, and From the Heart chapters of RWA. When not writing, she’s cooking, gardening, or paddling the local creeks of Southern Maryland with her husband.

Dawn Marie enjoys hearing from fans. Connect with her at:


 Just in Time for a Highland Christmas

Can a determined brownie craft a perfect match in time for Christmas?

When the Chief of Clan MacLachlan travels to the stronghold of his feuding neighbors to fetch his betrothed, she is gone. A year later, she is still missing. Making life more vexing, a band of reivers are stealing clan cattle, leaving behind destruction. Archibald MacLachlan determines to capture them and administer harsh punishment.

Though once in love with the man, Isobell Lamont refuses to wed her clan's enemy. After running away, she joins the band of reivers set on revenge.

Can Archibald forgive the raven-haired beauty? Will a journey through time bring them together for a Highland Christmas?



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Raul de Porcelos, a dedicated Knight Templar, is duty bound to bring orphaned Irish Princess Cahira O'Donnell to wed the Earl of Orkney, Raul's lord. But Cahira has a mind of her own and resists the handsome Templar, refusing to relinquish the castle and lands that her family died to protect.

Thrown together by fate, they come to know each other and a forbidden passion is kindled. Who will be the first to surrender to desire, the warrior-princess or the warrior-monk?

Hebby Roman Bio

Hebby Roman is the author of nine print published romances: five historical romances and four contempoarary romances. Her first contemporary romance, SUMMER DREAMS, was the launch title for Encanto, a print line featuring Latino romances. And her re-published e-book, SUMMER DREAMS, was #1 in Amazon fiction and romance.

Hebby is a member of the Romance Writers of America, and the past president of her local chapter, North Texas Romance Writers. She was selected for the Romantic Times "Texas Author" award, and she won a national Harlequin contest.

She graduated with highest honors from the University of Texas in Austin with a Master's Degree in Business Administration. She was selected for inclusion in the first edition of Who's Who in American Women.

She is blessed to have all her family living close by in north Texas, including her family's latest edition, her granddaughter, Mackenzie. Hebby lives in Arlington, Texas with her husband, Luis, and maltipoo, Maximillian.
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ROWENA'S HELLION by Velda Brotherton

Blurb: Rowena's Hellion- 
The Victorians -- Loving a man damaged by war is a challenge, but Rowena was captivated from the first time she laid eyes on the man her sister was supposed to marry. Something about his haunted eyes captured her nurturing heart. Building a life together proves difficult as she struggles to bring peace to Blair Prescott.

He rode the Kansas prairie in the moonlight, wild to escape the visions of the dead who followed him from the battlefields. The woman Rowena haunted him as well, but he dared not follow his desires. He would only hurt her.

Velda Brotherton writes of romance in the old west with an authenticity that makes her many historical characters ring true. A knowledge of the rich history of our country comes through in both her fiction and nonfiction books, as well as in her writing workshops and speaking engagements. She just as easily steps out of the past into contemporary settings to create novels about women with the ability to conquer life’s difficult challenges. Tough heroines, strong and gentle heroes, villains to die for, all live in the pages of her novels and books. Her writing lives up to her brand: Sexy, Dark, and Gritty.

She lives with her husband and writes from their home in the Ozarks of Arkansas. Her career spans nearly thirty years with close to that many books to her credit.

A talk about research-
Researching for this book, the second in The Victorian series, has been fun and somewhat surprising. I learned that a small sleepy town in Kansas was once the home of a large group of English/Scottish settlers who refused to embrace the western life, but rather brought their English life with them. From farm animals to lace for the tables, these people were determined not to leave their heritage behind.

I was raised in Kansas, but never knew the history of Victoria, Kansas until I visited my brother one summer. It so intrigued me that I knew I had to write not one, but three novels set there.

October, 1872 George Grant traveled by the Kansas Pacific railroad to Hays City. He was 50, with a vigorous six-foot frame, and carried himself with the grace and dignity of a king. He came to buy a large tract of land and form a colony of Englishmen. England was overcrowded. Worthy men could not make a living and young men had little future. He would name the colony for the queen, the Victoria Colony.

Wild Bill Hickok was marshal of nearby Hays City and enforced the Colt law. He shot up a bunch of soldiers from the Seventh Cavalry and was run out of town. Buffalo Bill Cody killed buffalo and peddled the meat from door to door in Hays City. Calamity Jane came from the east and could swear, shoot and hold her liquor with the best of them. She was genial and immoral and well liked, starting trouble wherever she went. Shootings were so regular it was like one long fourth of July. Hays City was one wild place.

Trains ran irregularly and rarely at night for fear of Indian Attack. Beyond Hays City the prairies stretched smoothly as far as they could see. In the far distance the blue sky kissed their purple edges. Antelope and buffalo grazed on the short green grass. Tall crimson grasses waved along the creek banks and sunflowers grew along the RR tracks. .

Permanent residences in the new settlement were all to be of stone, the frame buildings being turned over to the hired help. There would be free schools, a church, a library and special train rates. He would keep a herd of high-blooded stock, cattle, horses and sheep, a supply of pure seeds, steam cultivators such as were in use in England. None of these things were available to homesteaders.

On April Fool’s day 30 English and Scottish began their journey to America and the prairies of Kansas aboard a steamship leaving Scotland to begin a trip that would take a year by ship, rail, boat, and often horse-drawn stages. Many came with the assurance that allowances varying from 50 to 200 dollars a month would be sent to them regularly. They were called remittance men and were, for the most part, unmarried and in their early twenties.

On May 17, 1873 Mr. Grant and his first colony arrived at Victoria. In the group were 38 men, women and children and several head of Black and Red Aberdeen Angus Bulls, some sheep, and supplies needed upon their arrival. The Bulls were later placed on his own ranch and used to cross breed the long horn cattle from the area. Victoria became the birth place of Aberdeen Breed in America. The settlement grew and flourished for ten years. A nearby German settlement finally took over as the English moved out. No stone castle remain. Today the site is the home of St. Fidelis Church.




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